please SCROLL through the list and include the following information when inquiring about your new tattoo. messages that do not include this information will still be answered, but will not be considered first priority

hint: copy and paste the list below and use it to send your email!

・what is your name?

・are you a return client? Y/N

・what are you looking to get done?

・are you looking to do this piece in black and grey or color?

・please send any photos of tattoos in a similar style to what you are wanting!!

・approximately what size are you looking to do this piece? (estimated in inches or compared to a physical object)

・where are are you wanting to place this piece? (Description and photo appreciated)

・what days/times during the week are typically easiest for you to schedule? (Wednesday-Saturday, 1-7 pm)

・what is your budget?

・if the tattoo you’re wanting is going to be located near other tattoos, is covering a tattoo, is reworking a tattoo, etc… please send photos or said area or tattoos